Single-Ply as Cool Roofing

Traditional single-ply roofing is a black or dark colored material which studies have proven is not very energy efficient since it absorbs heat instead of reflecting it. Today’s most advanced roofing technologies use what is known as “cool roofing“. Cool Roofing starts with using materials that are bright white or light colored as this will reflect the sun’s heat and not absorb it. This leads to a cooler interior that is more easily climate controlled while extending the life of the roof because the roof is better protected from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV ray and heat.

Cool roofing combines solar reflectance properties and thermal emittance to create an energy efficient roofing system that runs cooler than traditional black or standard roofing. A cool roof is usually bright white or light in color because this is where it gets its reflectivity strength. Black roofs are no where near as reflective because they absorb the UV rays, energy, and heat from the sun while providing little, if any, emissivity. (This would vary based on the type of black roof. EPDM can have an emissivity rating of .85 at a 75° angle.) Emissivity doesn’t always go hand in hand with reflectivity, but the right roofing material can provide the building owner with good ratings for both. As you can see in the graph above, a black roof surface temperature can run up to 50°F hotter than a cool roof. Imagine the increased cooling costs, reduced interior comfort climate, and wear and tear a non-cool roof goes through on a daily basis and you have your best argument for making sure your next roof is a cool roof.

The Benefits of Using Single-Ply Cool Roof

Any cool roof benefits the building owner by reducing heat gain. Reduced heat gain leads to lower energy bills and not nearly as much wear and tear on building maintenance and mechanical systems. Less repair is required with longer life spans for the roofing substrate and climate control systems.

• Improved Thermal Efficiency

• More Comfortable Interior

• Less Energy Consumption

• More Manageable Utility Costs

• Less Mechanical Systems Stress and Longer Equipment Life Spans

• Greater Reflectivity

• Excellent Thermal Emittance

• Reduced Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Single-Ply Cool Roofing Alternatives to a Single-Ply Cool Roofing

Although single-ply roofing systems are best suited for new or re-roofing situations, roofing technology is advancing every day and there are now many options for all types of roofs. Every roof is different, so be sure to ask your professional roofing company that don’t normally offer such materials which option is best for your situation. If you would like to contact us, we can arrange a free no obligation roof consultation with a roofing professional in your area.